Renewable Energy Developers & Operators

MEG Renewables is an investor and developer of small to medium scale renewable energy projects, focussing primarily on hydro schemes within Scotland. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of M&Co, the Scottish based fashion retailer, MEG Renewables approaches this sector from a unique position.


Our aim is to develop renewable energy projects which optimise the benefits to landowners while generating green energy for the M&Co retail business.

Our portfolio of hydro projects currently operational or in the construction stage range from 500kW up to 1MW but we are keen to look at all hydro schemes in the range of 300kW up to 2MW. We operate with a small in-house team, working in conjunction with specialist consultants, to take projects from pre-feasibility all the way through to operation.


As an independent and privately funded developer, MEG Renewables provides the risk capital to progress projects through each of the development stages, with no requirement for any expenditure by the landowner. For projects that progress to construction, we are able to offer landowners a range of financial options, ranging from a straightforward rental arrangement through to shared equity partnerships.


Our recently launched MEG Hydro Services offers a range of Operational and Maintenance Service options in both the technical and administrative aspects of managing a hydro scheme. We have designed the Operation and Maintenance service packages in a way that allows scheme owners to pick and choose the support they want to complement the activities that are being handled ‘in-house.’


We are always pleased to hear from landowners throughout the UK who wish to explore potential opportunities within the area of renewable energy or who may require some assistance in the day to day management of their hydro schemes.


Contact Us to request a free, no obligation site review or for any information on our Operations & Maintenance Services.